Success in School

 Why is school so hard for children with ADHD?

One of the biggest struggles you face with a child that has ADHD is in school. This can be extremely hard and frustrating at times. The biggest thing you have to remember is that more than likely your child wants to do well, and they are the ones struggling. From my personal experiences I know it can feel like they are deliberately not trying, but this is not the case. School creates several constant challenges for a child with ADHD, it can be challenging for any child. If you think about it, pretty much everything you are asked to do in school includes sitting for long periods, focusing and paying attention, being quite and patient, raising your hand, remembering homework. These things seem easy to most people but it can really be a hard job for an ADHD child. If your child has ADHD, school may be difficult because their symptoms such as inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity are getting in the way. This page is to give you the methods a resources I use as well as others I have found that may work for your child. 

Involve your school

 Talk to your child's teachers, principal, and guidance counselor to see what programs to help your child they may offer. Some things I do or have found others do are:

IEP- I work with my sons school and we have implemented an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) that is specified to his needs. We have an IEP meeting usually twice a year to make any changes, however, if we feel a change needs to be made at a different time we can discuss it by phone or email and make any minor changes. This is a wonderful program! It keeps all the faculty at the school up to date and gives your child any assistance he/she may need for things like support or testing environment.
Start a daily chart- This is where teachers for each class can tell you about how your child was in class that day (my sons school has one) and homework for that night. This way you know what he has to do that night. Or you can use the planner most schools have, and just have the teacher initial the assignments and write any that your child didn't as well as write anything that happened you may want to know about. (I use both a daily chart and have the planner initialed).

Keep in contact- Now days, most schools offer emails for each staff member. I contacted my sons teachers and we keep in contact regularly through emails to keep up with whats going on in school and at home or make any changes in the plan and discuss behaviors. This helps you know what to discuss with your child's doctor or psychiatrist at the next visit for the child's medical treatment plan.

Have extra Items Sent Home- Ask the teachers or support teachers working with your child to send home extra texts books. You can even have this implemented in your child's IEP. I know I always have an extra Math book and if he is reading a novel/book in Reading class I get an extra copy sent home as well. ADHD children tend to forget a lot and this will help so that even if they forget the book you can still do the homework or study, this helps keep your child from getting behind in his/her classes.

In my experience the more you know and use the school resources the more help you can give your child to succeed. Involving your child's school about their ADHD is a very important part of their education.Think about it this way, you know your child best and their history, and your child's teachers see them and work with them all day every day. So, together you have a lot of information, and a better understanding of your child's strengths and weaknesses. Together you can make a difference in your child's education and success!

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