What are the Signs/Symptoms of ADHD?

I have been told many times that the signs for ADHD were that the child doesn't listen, is easily distracted, and are in constant motion. Well, I have three children, and I don't know about you but, those "symptoms" can pretty much go with any young child! So, I decided to look a further into how to understand and see the signs/symptoms a little clearer. I came to find that there are three main symptoms which are Inattentive, Hyperactive, and Impulsive. Now, you may remember from an earlier post of mine, the person doesn't necessarily have all these symptoms. They may have one, two or all three. Personally, I now see that my son is mainly inattentive and impulsive though he has one or two signs of Hyperactivity. I figured this out by finding out the signs of each of the three symptoms and I would like to share it with my readers to try to help you understand and be able to know the difference.

If they are Inattentive they may tend to:
  • miss details and forget things   
  • lose things like their pencils, homework etc.
  • have difficulty focusing, getting things done, or organizing 
  • seem like they aren't listening when your talking to them
  • daydream and/or become easily confused
  • struggle to follow directions and/or have difficulty processing information as quick as others
  • lose interest in what their doing after even a few minutes, unless it's something the are enjoying or interested in or switch activities often       
If they are Hyperactive you might notice them:
  • fidgeting and squirming
  • having to touch or play with everything they see
  • have a hard time sitting still for class in school, lunch/dinner, church, etc.
  • talk nonstop or struggle doing quite tasks
Last, if they are Impulsive they might:
  • say things without thinking such as blurting out inappropriate comments
  • be very impatient
  • Interrupt others activities or when talking
  • act with no regard to consequences
  • and slow their emotions without restraint
When I found this information, it really made sense to me regarding my son, Dillon. I went over it with my husband and Dillon and we were able right away to connect him with his ADHD better and understand all the struggles we couldn't understand why he was having. I mean to us it's simple to just do your homework, remember your pencil, or to complete your classwork, but with ADHD these things aren't always easy. If anyone has wondered, like I have, what the signs really were and how to tell, then I hope that this page has helped. Thanks for reading and please feel free to subscribe to my blog to read more.
Written by~S Overly       

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