Monday, July 30, 2012

What Is Up with Kids These Days?

Dill, Dad (Nate) and Kiera building a fort
Ok, so, summer is more than half way over now and wow how quickly the times goes sometimes! But, I found myself thinking...what is it with kids these days? They never want to go outside!! Now, I love technology, it let's me work at home and more but, my kids seem to just want to hang out inside playing with their PS3, PSP, DSi or just watching TV. 

When I was young we never wanted to be inside or near our parents! We wanted to play kick ball, climb trees, ride bikes, catch fireflies, build a clubhouse and explore the woods out back. I couldn't imagine just sitting inside all summer! It would've been like a punishment to me and my brothers and sister. WE woke up, got dressed and went outside to plan our fun adventure for the day!

Dill playing PS3
Now, my kids just want to sit inside and play video games,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still Here!! Family Issues

I want to let my readers know that I am still here and Child ADHD Info will be continuing to update regularly again starting today!! I had a few family issues to attend to and apologize for my absence, but the weekly newsletters will start going out on time again and the blog will be updated as well. I thank all of my readers for staying with me and continuing to support Child ADHD Info!! I am so lucky to have such great readers and supporters! <3

It has been tough here to say the least and I am sure a lot of you know what I mean by that. Some of you already know that our family has dealt with many tragic deaths this past year and a half, and by many I mean the most recent making it 6 close people that have passed away. 

Anyways, I took some time off to gather myself and my family and I realize that I should have been updating and letting you all know what was going on. To tell the truth though, I really wasn't thinking about what I should be doing and more so of just going day by day. 

On a happier note, I have gotten a lot together and am back. I have also learned that my Facebook page and blogs aren't just a place for the information and support for others, but that you are all wonderful support to me!! I am so glad to have such wonderful followers/readers and hope that Child ADHD will continue to grow!

Thank you all so much!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jungian Psychotherapy

So, I have been told about a type of psychotherapy called Jungian Analysis and so I found it interesting to write about. I would personally say that I feel this form of psychotherapy would be more beneficial for adults, so this post is more for the parents or adults with ADHD readers.

This type of therapy is interesting to me because it is based more on the unconscious state such as through your dreams. From what I've read, even those who don't remember their dreams will often start to remember them when they start these therapy sessions. This is a therapy for all kinds of issues such as relationship, stress and other personal and professional problems and is based on a more spiritual level. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

ADHD and Siblings

Kiera and Dillon
Like any family, my kids will fight like crazy sometimes. My oldest two, Dillon and Kiera, are the worst fighters though, which I think is because they are closest in age (2 yrs apart). But, as they got older, I started to notice some jealousy developing in Kiera towards Dillon. This was because Dill got more "attention" due to his ADHD. Does this ring a bell to any of you?

You see, Kiera is the complete opposite of Dillon. She is an honor role student, very motivated and strives to do everything perfect whereas Dillon struggles more in these areas. Now don't get me wrong, Kiera gets a lot of attention and praise for all of her hard work and achievements, but, she also doesn't need much help with homework or have doctors and counseling appointments, school meetings and behavioral issues. It's hard to impossible to give all of your children the exact same attention, especially when you have a child with special needs. Every child is different, while some require more help and assistance, others are more independent. 

Kiera and Dillon
I found that one of the best things you can do is to talk to all your children and teach them about ADHD and to understand your ADHD child's needs and struggles as much as possible. There are actually even children's books about ADHD that you can read with your children to better understand ADHD that I found to be wonderful for all the kids to learn about and understand ADHD, even Dillon. You can find some great ones at my Child ADHD Store. I feel the more all the kids are aware of and understand ADHD and it's challenges the more supportive they will be of their ADHD sibling.
Dillon, me and Kiera
 It is so hard to split your time up evenly among all your kids all the time, especially when one is independent with homework while you're fighting half the night with your ADHD child. Even though we may be arguing or struggling with our ADHD child and it may be considered a more "negative" attention, it still can make others jealous of the attention.

The most important thing you can do though is to make sure all your kids know how much you love them and that they are all important and special to you! I have been looking into more ways to help with siblings of ADHD kids and will be posting a list shortly.