Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do You Want to Share Your Story?

We would like anyone who would like to share their story of their child with ADHD to submit their story. It can be about how you became concerned about your child having ADHD, how your child was diagnosed and the process you went through or are going through, the struggles you go through, school, what works for you, success, concerns etc. 

Child ADHD Info my feature it either here on the site or in our weekly newsletter. It is nice to share your story and to hear others and just to know "Hey I;m not the only one"! 

If you are interested in sharing your experience/story you can email it directly to You can send your story along with where you would like it to be featured (here or in the newsletter) and you can a picture of your child or family too if you want. Please do not leave your story in a comment post.

I was so excited to be expanding our reach to help as many parents with ADHD children with our newsletter and thought of this and just loved the idea so I hope you all do too and we get some good submissions and results!! 

I look forward to hearing from you!!


Child ADHD Info's 1st Newsletter is Out!!

Good morning to all my readers!! I am so excited to announce that Child ADHD Info has just put out our first newsletter! You can view it by clicking here. This may not seem like a big deal, but, it really is for me. This is a great new things I can offer parents. I decided to create a newsletter for parents that can't always read my blog posts and keep up with the articles. 

Child ADHD's newsletter will have articles, stories, facts, tips and hints for the week that are all about ADHD and child ADHD. However, this first newsletter was smaller and more of an introductory to the weekly newsletter. The articles will be shorter and may link to an article on the blog. 

I am so glad that we have reached enough readers and fans to help to be able to have finally been able to offer this new tool and updates for parents! Like I said I am so excited!! 

If you did not subscribe for Child ADHD's newsletter, you will not receive one and will have to view it at the link. To subscribe simply enter your email and name on the right of this page and you will start receiving our newsletter weekly with everyone else, or you can go to the newsletters link and click the subscribe button at the top of the page and enter your information. I look forward to adding you to the Newsletter list!! :) 

Check out the Child ADHD Newsletter and subscribe now! And as always feel free to give us your feedback, you can even comment on the newsletter!

 *Child ADHD Info will be the only one with access to your information upon submission of your subscription. We respect your privacy and will not give out ANY of your information including but not limited to name and email.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Child ADHD Info's Absence

I want to take a minute to first apologize for our site being down Sunday, June 17 for 19 hours. It was an awful inconvenience for us all. 

It seems that my blog was hacked into and messed with, which in turn alerted Google's spam bots and they temporarily deleted it. So, i had to file and appeal with Google and I also wrote them an email. They reviewed my blog in person and apologized for the mistake and put Child ADHD Info back online right away, though it did take all day to happen.

I was so confused when I first logged in to write a post on Sunday, June 17. First, my account had me do a two step verification to log in and then came up with a message saying that there was unusual activity on my account. Then, after finally logging in I found that this blog had been deleted. I was so upset, not only for myself and all the work and research I had put into the site and it's content, but for all my readers and followers that use it for help and support with their ADHD children. 

Mentoring Minds ADD/ADHD Wheel

I know it is summer and most parents aren't thinking about school next year yet, mainly because summer has just begun! However, that is yet another luxury that most parents with an ADHD child doesn't have. We spend a lot of our summer thinking of ways to help and get our child ready and ahead for the next school year.

So many parents with ADHD children are talking to the school and putting the team for the coming school year together and lots have meetings with the school "team" as early as this month to try to come up with new teaching strategies and ways for your child to succeed!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Child ADHD's New Forum

Child ADHD has created a Forum for parents, family, friends and anyone else who knows an ADHD child, adult or if you are and ADHD child/adult. It's a great place to interact with other ADHD parents, families and others with ADHD. Using the Child ADHD forum, you can ask questions, tell us your stories, answer questions with your experience, knowledge and opinions. You can even use the forum just to vent, let off steam and let out frustration you are having from all the stressors ADHD can make.

The nice thing I want to let you all know is that the forum doesn't have to be just about ADHD, you can talk about ODD and other coinciding diagnoses, behaviors, bullying, parenting, and so much more. 

I have done this to try to expand as well as further give support to parents! I hope you like it, I always love feedback so feel free to give me yours! :)

You can access the Child ADHD forum by clicking the page tab "Child ADHD Forum" at the top of the blog or by going to

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD~ (Isochronic Music)

I have been looking into different types of alternative treatment options for ADHD and came across Isochiral Music. Now, I want to start by saying that there is one for ADHD, but there are also ones for Improving Memory, Speed Learning, Increasing IQ, Stress Management, and more. I have specified these ones because they too can help with managing ADHD and their daily stressors as well as disabilities that can coincide like learning disabilities and forgetfulness.

I'm sure now your asking yourself, how does this isochiral music work? Well, it uses brainwave entrainment. Brainwave Entrainment in short is when you listen to an audio that uses pulses of sound near the same frequency that the brain is operating. The audio brainwave entrainment increases the beta brainwaves giving the brain a "mental workout". It increases the electrical activity and the blood flow to the brain, speeding it up. 

So how does this work for ADHD?

Well first I would like to point out that as you may already know, studies have shown us that ADHD have a lower blood flow in the frontal lobes which are where the brain affects your attention and impulse control. So, speeding up the blood flow can help with these symptoms and may help your child be able to have more control over their attention and impulses.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neat Address Plaques

So, I always saw these cool custom address plaques on peoples houses, on rocks in front of the house and even on signs by the driveway and always thought they were so cute! Now, I don't know if any of you ever wanted one, but, there is a place that sells them online. They make business and residential address plaques.

Monday, June 4, 2012

How is ADHD Diagnosed?

So, I want to start this article off by stating that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be very hard and tricky to diagnose.  Diagnosing ADHD is even harder in children, most kids growing up will act impulsively, and become distracted or even have trouble focusing at times, but that doesn't mean they have ADHD. So, than how does the doctor diagnosis ADHD in children?

One of the first steps in diagnosing ADHD in your child starts at home with knowing the signs and symptoms of ADHD and seeing those symptoms in your child. Now, you have have to remember that all children will act impulsively from time to time and may get distracted or not pay attention. It's when your child can't control their own behaviors and attention where you may be concerned that he/she may have ADHD of some type.