Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mentoring Minds ADD/ADHD Wheel

I know it is summer and most parents aren't thinking about school next year yet, mainly because summer has just begun! However, that is yet another luxury that most parents with an ADHD child doesn't have. We spend a lot of our summer thinking of ways to help and get our child ready and ahead for the next school year.

So many parents with ADHD children are talking to the school and putting the team for the coming school year together and lots have meetings with the school "team" as early as this month to try to come up with new teaching strategies and ways for your child to succeed!
It is so funny because people that don't understand or don't believe in ADHD are often heard saying that it's excuse for the parent to be "lazy" or that the child is just a "brat", when really they do more parenting and work than most other parents!! In fact, I bet you all have a better relationship with the teachers when other parents hardly remember their child's homeroom teachers name. If your anything like me your on a first name basis with all your child's teachers each year.

Anyways, when you are trying to prepare for next year keep in mind about this website/store called Mentoring Minds and bring it up to the teachers in your meeting. I have checked it out myself and found they have a product called the ADD/ADHD Wheel, which they have made as a resource to parents, teachers and specialists to assist them in making decisions together to help the ADHD child be successful in school. The wheel has strategies for teaching and I think would be a helpful tool for all schools to have!

Approximately 2 million children in the US alone have been diagnosed with ADHD and 3-5% of the student population has ADHD. 1 in every 25-30 children have ADHD. The ADHD wheel was designed to help teachers understand how ADHD affects the child in school and with learning as well as to give them the tools and strategies to help the ADHD child(ren) be successful in school. So, in conclusion, I think this would be great site/store for both schools and parents. It has tools for ADHD as well as individual subject help, behavior and more so it is great and helpful for any student struggling in school and is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents and even specialists! I think we should all bring it up and recommend it to all our schools to better spread the awareness and help for children with ADHD and any other kids that need help in school!

Let us know what you think! Comment and give us you opinion and experiences :)

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