Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Child ADHD Info's Absence

I want to take a minute to first apologize for our site being down Sunday, June 17 for 19 hours. It was an awful inconvenience for us all. 

It seems that my blog was hacked into and messed with, which in turn alerted Google's spam bots and they temporarily deleted it. So, i had to file and appeal with Google and I also wrote them an email. They reviewed my blog in person and apologized for the mistake and put Child ADHD Info back online right away, though it did take all day to happen.

I was so confused when I first logged in to write a post on Sunday, June 17. First, my account had me do a two step verification to log in and then came up with a message saying that there was unusual activity on my account. Then, after finally logging in I found that this blog had been deleted. I was so upset, not only for myself and all the work and research I had put into the site and it's content, but for all my readers and followers that use it for help and support with their ADHD children. 

The main reasons I am writing this post is one, to let you all know that Child ADHD Info is still here to help will continue to post. And two, to let any other bloggers out there that may read this know that it is so important to make sure that their site or blog is protected as much as possible from being messed with too. Finally, I want to let all of you reading this post know all the measures I have taken to make sure that it doesn't happen again as well as to assure you all that if you join or subscribe to Child ADHD and any information that you put on here will be safe and no one else will have access to ant of the information you submit here.

Protect Your Blogs!!!
The first step I took was to notify my host that this happened so they can take action on their part in security. I then changed my account around to where I can only log in from my computer with just my password (which I changed) and if any other computer tries to log on they will need a code to enter and get access, the code will be sent to my personal cell phone and will deny access without it. Also, i will be sent an email for any log in attempts.

So, I just wanted to let everyone know what happened that day and to assure you that we will be here and you are safe visiting and interacting with our site and features like commenting, the forum, newsletter sign up etc. 

It is truly a shame that people don't have anything better to do then mess with sites and blogs out there to help others.

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