Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do You Want to Share Your Story?

We would like anyone who would like to share their story of their child with ADHD to submit their story. It can be about how you became concerned about your child having ADHD, how your child was diagnosed and the process you went through or are going through, the struggles you go through, school, what works for you, success, concerns etc. 

Child ADHD Info my feature it either here on the site or in our weekly newsletter. It is nice to share your story and to hear others and just to know "Hey I;m not the only one"! 

If you are interested in sharing your experience/story you can email it directly to You can send your story along with where you would like it to be featured (here or in the newsletter) and you can a picture of your child or family too if you want. Please do not leave your story in a comment post.

I was so excited to be expanding our reach to help as many parents with ADHD children with our newsletter and thought of this and just loved the idea so I hope you all do too and we get some good submissions and results!! 

I look forward to hearing from you!!


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