Monday, July 30, 2012

What Is Up with Kids These Days?

Dill, Dad (Nate) and Kiera building a fort
Ok, so, summer is more than half way over now and wow how quickly the times goes sometimes! But, I found myself thinking...what is it with kids these days? They never want to go outside!! Now, I love technology, it let's me work at home and more but, my kids seem to just want to hang out inside playing with their PS3, PSP, DSi or just watching TV. 

When I was young we never wanted to be inside or near our parents! We wanted to play kick ball, climb trees, ride bikes, catch fireflies, build a clubhouse and explore the woods out back. I couldn't imagine just sitting inside all summer! It would've been like a punishment to me and my brothers and sister. WE woke up, got dressed and went outside to plan our fun adventure for the day!

Dill playing PS3
Now, my kids just want to sit inside and play video games,
go on Facebook, and watch TV. They will only play something if my husband and I play with them, and pretty much make them, or when they have friends over. Even when they have friends over though, they want to hang out inside more. 

I started wondering I the only parent that feels this way? I decided to ask some of my friends and my kids friends parents about it and I found out that it's not just me! Most parents I talked to agreed that their kids did the same things. I then talked to my husband Nathan about it and he had said that he felt the same way.

Kaylee swimming with the neighbor
Well, the next day Nathan decided to tell the kids around noon that they had a half an hour to hang out in the house and play the video games or on the computer and then they had to go outside and play. To just go in the back yard and find something fun to play/do. The reaction he got was priceless! Dillon, Kiera and Kaylee all looked at him like a was crazy and then looked at me like "is he being serious". They just went outside and sat around saying "there's nothing to do". Nate even built a clubhouse in the top of our two story shed to play in! 

Kiera running at GOTR
So, now we've decided to make the kids go outside and play to get out and get some exercise. We give them ideas of things to do and even play things like kick ball with them. Nathan even went out and hung out in the clubhouse with them and guess what they wanted to do in there! Watch a movie on the portable DVD player! Haha But, we are getting there! :)

This story is for those out there feeling the same way, you are NOT alone!! If you feel the same way and/or want to share your styr, thoughts or feelings, feel free to comment!

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