Friday, August 3, 2012

Talents of ADHD Children

ADHD children are talented just like any other child. In fact, there are actually several talents/strengths that have been noted in many ADHD individuals that I have read about in Raising Boys with ADHD and then looked up the statistics. I looked through these statistics and noticed that Dillon has a few of those talents or strengths. Some of the most common talents are:


Many ADHD children are very creative or creative thinkers. Kids with ADHD are often said to "think outside the box". My son Dillon has this quality and he will surprise us so much with the way he thinks. If we are watching a mystery movie he will come up with an amazing theory or will think of a neat and creative way to answer a problem, it truly amazes me sometimes! This strength
can be very valuable to your ADHD child and can benefit him/her throughout their life and even career. Being creative/creative thinker can develop into artistry, writing books, an inventor, architecture and so much more!


ADHD children are usually more perceptive and/or intuitive. They will often pick up things that others don't. ADHD kids observe everything! My personal opinion is that sometimes this is because they have a shorter attention span and so kids with ADHD will look around more. Anyway, this talent could lead to police/detective work, paleontologist, private investigator,etc.


ADHD children have also been known to be very intelligent. Some have an overall high intelligence and others are very good at certain subjects. Just because your ADHD child struggles in school it doesn't mean he/she isn't smart enough, it could simply be due to disorganization, short attention or other ADHD symptoms causing him/her top struggle in school. Of course we all know being intelligent, even in certain subjects, can lead to a great future for your son or daughter, such as scientist, teacher, doctor, lawyer and many other wonderful careers!!


Have you ever noticed your ADHD child trying to negotiate their punishment, reward or anything else they may want :) I know my son Dillon definitely has this "talent", which right now is more of a pain in the butt for me haha. But, can also open different opportunities for your child like sales, real estate, lawyer, business and other great paths.

Risk Takers

I'm sure you have noticed, especially if you have more than one kid, that your ADHD child takes more risks than others without ADHD. This is really because of their issues with not thinking before they act. It may be stressful for you as a worried parent now, but as time goes on it can be a wonderful asset to your child. It makes them more willing to take risks that can prove to have a very positive result! Like going to school and trying new things. Taking risks is something not everyone is willing to do, they just have to know what smart risks are and when it is being reckless. Taking a risk could land them they best job, open new doors of opportunity, they may even meet their soul mate taking a risk! 


I know your probably thinking.."focus?? My ADHD struggles with focusing". But, many ADHD kids are able to focus intently on things and subjects that they particularly enjoy and like. I'm sure your ADHD child can sit and focus on a show or video game they love for hours, but if you want them to do homework it's a fight. This is because it is so much easier for them to focus on things they like. Of course this is great for college because they can go for a subject that they are interested in a enjoy! This can also be positive for his/her career too. If they find something they love to do than they will work harder to do it. This is a great strength for sports!!

Speaking of sports, it has also been said that many ADHD children are particularly good at sports. A lot of this is because of their need to move a lot. I don't have to tell you about the many benefits of this strength. Make sure to give your child as many opportunities for sports, clubs and other activities they can get involved in, this will help them discover their talents and the different thing they enjoy doing. It also gives ADHD children a good and positive outlet for their extra energy too.

These are just the most common talents and strengths seen in the majority of ADHD children. I know when I was studying this information it all made so much sense to me because my son actually has most of these qualities in him. It was very exciting to find something I considered very positive for Dillon because so often you hear about how ADHD causes struggles, stress, frustration, and problems. It isn't often that you hear something good and positive that comes from ADHD. 

The most important thing and the reason I am writing this post is to let you be able to see what your ADHD child strengths and talents are and be able to help him/her build those strengths into something productive that can help secure their future.

As parents or teachers we tend to focus or dwell on our ADHD children's issues and struggles. We just have to remember that they have some really great qualities and help them discover those talents and build on their strengths. Encourage your son/daughter to find different ways to develop and build on their natural gifts as much as we fight with them about school ;).

Think about your child good at a certain subject like Math? Is he/she good at sports or a certain sport? Does he/she draw a lot? etc..
Find the special qualities in your child and help them acknowledge and work with their gifts. You can play games, do arts and crafts and other things that are a fun way to strengthen his/her natural talents. 

Together we can make our children successful ADHD adults!! Thanks you for reading and feel free to comment...tell us if your ADHD child has any of these talents or some of the strengths your child has!



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  2. I have Adhd, i dont go on any medicine. The down-sides is that i tend to forget things, but i train to be better at this - the good things is that i feel my energy burning 24/7, i am very restless, and need to move 24/7. This fits me perfect as i train running and floorball 5-6 times a week, and is trying to be a very good long distance runner. My talent with Adhd is that my energy reserves lets me train very much - and my emotions that come with Adhd, i have learned to use during training to strengthen my motivation. I have lots of friends and have a very normal and independent life, living on my own in my hometown, and have been to various places and studied and trained at an age of 19. I feel i can draw out energy at any tme at the day and night, and have some times trained at mid-night cause i couldn't make it during the day. THIS is why i am never going on medicine to be slow in my head and "lower" my ADHD-symptoms - i love the symptoms on ADHD, and i have learned to master my ADHD and use it to my advantage. I strongly, STRONGLY reccomend parents to do the same. I was very difficult when i was little, but i matured during different procecces during my childhood, and have learned to use my ADHD positively on my life.