Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jungian Psychotherapy

So, I have been told about a type of psychotherapy called Jungian Analysis and so I found it interesting to write about. I would personally say that I feel this form of psychotherapy would be more beneficial for adults, so this post is more for the parents or adults with ADHD readers.

This type of therapy is interesting to me because it is based more on the unconscious state such as through your dreams. From what I've read, even those who don't remember their dreams will often start to remember them when they start these therapy sessions. This is a therapy for all kinds of issues such as relationship, stress and other personal and professional problems and is based on a more spiritual level. 

You may know the belief that dreams stand for something, well this is a type of psychotherapy to help you find what that "something" is they stand for. I know a lot of people who will have reoccurring dreams and I do believe that it can be based on something that may be stressing or bothering them.  Well, according to what I have seen, during an jungian analysis it addresses your problems by a spiritual approach and it's not even always that you have to have a reoccurring dream or anything. If you are having any issues and believe it is worth a try to help, than finding a jungian therapist may be a great place to start. Honestly, I'm not sure that it is a therapy for everyone, you need to be willing to talk about your dreams and have the want to participate as with any therapy, but, I also personally think it would at the very least be an interesting and possibly rewarding experience. 

If you are interested and/or would like to know more about Jungian Psychotherapy you can read more here. Anyways, this was just a new therapy I have been learning a little about and wanted to share, if you would like to know more you can also click the "Contact Me" button on the right and email anytime or leave a comment! 

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