Saturday, March 31, 2012

Poor Dill

Dillon is going to his fathers house in Ohio today for a visit. I'm not looking forward to the 7 hour drive there and back, but, Dill doesn't want to go at all. He had asked to call his dad last night and asked him if he could just stay home, and of course his dad said no. Dillon has been upset since then, I feel so bad and wish I could make him feel better. I have been trying to tell him a the positives of going there (seeing his half sisters, playing the Xbox 360 he has there etc.) it just doesn't seem to matter. He had told my husband Nathan last evening that he is going to refuse to get out of the car when we get there.
The nice thing is that we have Skype and I told him we can see each other anytime (if they let him on)! It was hard for me as a mother to see  my children go through the split up of their father and I, but, it's even harder that he feels this way. I try to remind him that his dad loves him and he always says "I know he loves me and I love him, he's my dad. I just don't like him or the things he does". He told me it's not really his dad even, it's his stepmother there, she has caused a lot of problems with the kids, and tries to cause issues with my relationship with both of my children and Dill is old enough that he sees these things. No matter how I feel, I try not to speak ill of their father or his household in front of the kids, I feel it is their decisions to make on how they feel and Dillon is mad that his dad lets his wife do the things she does and even participates sometimes. Anyways, I hope all goes well today, I will post when I get back with an update. Anyone going through something like this, please feel free to comment with your tactics and suggestions or just your story.

~S Overly

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