Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is an IEP?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan, this is a plan that is designed especially for your child. Every public school should offer this. Dillon uses one and I think it is great for ADHD children. To make an IEP parents, teachers, guidance counselors, therapists, related services and the student (when its appropriate) come together and work on a plan that's best for your child. Here your child is evaluated and is designed a plan to meet your child's specific needs educationally and behaviorally. Check out my page Success in School for more resources you can use to help your child in school. Look for the page I will be posting to know all about IEP's and how you go about getting one for your child. Thanks for reading! To know more about IEP's now check out the IEP Guide Book!

~Stacy Overly

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