Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Costume Parties!!


OK so, this is my little Angel, Kaylee. She is 4 and loves being a princess! She is also, in preschool. Her school is so eventful and they always have a theme  for the week, I just love it!! the themes are so freakin cute!! <3 We get a monthly calendar with the themes and activities for each day. Well, it was going to be Princesses and Pirates week and "Dress Up Like a Princess or Pirate Day" was coming. So, I went and looked through all her dresses and costumes, and was fighting with her on what to where. She had been Tinker Bell last year and even if I could use it as a princess costume, it wouldn't fit anymore. Boy do our kids grow fast!! LOL 

Anyways, I started looking for them and did you know that it is so difficult to find a Halloween Costume when it's not Halloween time? Well it is! I went to places that sold them and they are really expensive, like $60!! That is crazy for 1 day! I ended up finding this great Costume store online called Halloween Mart, and the prices were great and they had the cutest kids Halloween costumes!! She ended up looking great huh?!

My little Kaykay had a great time and was complemented on how beautiful of a princess she made, I am so glad I found a costume in time!! I never honestly though about costumes unless it was Halloween until this happened. Now, since she has all these themes and has already dressed up as a pirate (thank God my son had a pirate hat and vest saved lol) and now a Princess, I have the link on favorites! If you ever need it click here.

The moral of this story is, always expect and be ready for the unexpected!! You never know when your going to need something out of the ordinary, like a princess costume or have a son like my Dillon who is doing his movie, you may have read about that on my Facebook page, so I will need it for that I'm sure (thank you for free shipping)!! LOL

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