Thursday, May 24, 2012

Managing ADHD Behaviors

Managing your ADHD child's behaviors can be very challenging. It can become frustrating and often leave you feeling helpless. So many parents will question themselves as a parent or question their parenting. It is difficult, but knowing some hints can help so very much! :)


Know what behavior you expect of your ADHD in different situations. Often discuss the behaviors you expect from him/her so they are aware of how they are supposed to behave. You can even practice appropriate behaviors with your child, ask him/her how they should act in a situation, or what they think would be appropriate if something would happen. For example you could ask "If you see another child running through a restaurant, what do you think you should do?" See what they say and respond with praising if they are right or explaining what would be a better way if they are not.

Avoid Overreacting

It is so easy to overreact in a situation with your child, especially if they have ADHD and behaviors happen often. Try to practice yourself on how you would like to react to situations that you know may occur. If you feel like you may "blow up" at a situation or behavior, you can send him/her to their room or remove them from the situation and then take a minute to calm yourself before finishing the reprimanding. The calmer you stay, the more positive outcome you will get, I know this is hard sometimes just remember to take deep breathes and calm yourself as much as possible. 


Try to be as consistent as possible. When you are consistent with your rules and expectations it enables your child to be clear of your expectations and the rules as well as the possible consequences.

Give Behavior Cues

ADHD kids will often need reminded of things, such as rules and appropriate behaviors expected of them. Giving cues such as a head nod, facial expression or a hand gesture as a reminder to the child that what they are doing is unacceptable and can tell them "Uhuh", "Stop that" or "Don't even think about it". This can sometimes help keep the behavior from ever happening.

Use Time Out

Time outs can help both you and your child. It hives you a chance to calm down if needed and gives them a chance to realize and think about the behavior. After the time out I  recommend talking to him/her to make sure they know why the received the time out and ask what they think they could do to prevent this behavior and consequences in the future. This gives them a part in treating their behaviors and preventing them, it also will help them think before acting next time.


Distraction helps if you see your child is getting upset or getting impulsive. You can recommend a walk, a game, or an activity he/she may like to do. This gets their mind off of what was upsetting them or the mischief they may have been about to do.

I hope this helps in some way! :) Please comment with any other suggestions or questions!!

Resource: Raising Boys with ADHD

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