Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Child ADHD Store on Amazon!

I have been being asked a lot lately where you can buy ADHD Awareness ribbons, ADHD Natural medicines and treatments, books and more. So, i have been doing research and it is hard to find. Therefore, I have created a Child ADHD Store through Amazon, with only relevant and easy to find ADHD products and related products at great prices too! The store has ADHD Awareness ribbons, hats, shirts, mugs, mouse pads, car accessories, jewelry, phone accessories and more! Plus, Synaptol, Focus Formula, and other natural ADHD medicines, treatments and vitamins, as well as ADHD videos and books for parents and kids and so much more!! It took me a while to get this put together and to hand pick all these products, so I hope you like it, find it helpful and useful! :) I will be adding other categories and products such as ODD and other coinciding diagnoses with ADHD and more. You can view my store on this blog (there's a Child ADHD Store tab and a link in the sidebar) or you can go directly to or  

Enjoy and please feel free to give me your feedback, comments and opinions to help me make my products and service the best possible for you and your children!

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