Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcoming My Little Niece~Aliyah!

So after taking the kids to school this morning my mom called to let me know my brother was having his baby and I was going to be a niece again! I was so excited..I haven't held a baby in soo long and miss it!! 

Anyways, I wrote about my experience this morning with my brother having his baby along with some adorable first pics of my little niece Aliyah who was born around 11:30 this morning weighing 7lb 1oz and being 19" long!! 

All this labor had me remembering mine and wondering if I should be making an addition to our family sometime soon. But...we'll see about that....

If you want to check out and/read about Aliyah's birth and first pictures you can see it on my Mother and Child blog or by just clicking here.

 My Mother and Child blog is about just being a mother to my three children and it's every day life, which kinda goes along with Child ADHD Info. So, please feel free to subscribe to both blogs if you'd like :)

As always, thanks for reading!!

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