Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hotel and Beach Supplies for Summer

If you have a hotel, restaurant, resort or just want to get some cute furniture for your small business, you should check out this neat place called PeachSuite Hotel Supply. It's an online store that has al different types of products for any type of business such as dining, concession, bar, banquet, catering and more hotel supplies online. For summer they have patio furniture, poolside tables, chairs, umbrellas etc.

The PeachSuite Hotel Supply is also a hotel amenities supplier. Here they have things like tissues, mini deodorants/shampoos, coffee packets, pens, toilet paper and much more!!

Like I said, I know it says it's a hotel supplier but, you can use some of these items for any business!! I mean, even a doctors office needs tissues, toilet paper and pens!! So, check it out and see if there is anything that fits your business needs!

*This has been a paid post.


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