Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dillon Seizure Story

My son Dillon is 12 years old. When he was 5, during his first year of kindergarten, Dillon was having trouble paying attention and was "staring off into space" like he was day dreaming. We had a meeting towards the end of the year with his teachers and guidance counselor. They told me that Dillon wasn't ready and was too immature so they wanted to hold him back. I didn't want to do this, I said there must be something wrong! Dillon has always been extremely bright and always helped me out which showed his maturity level. I couldn't understand why he was having these problems. 
During Dillon's second year of kindergarten he was having the same troubles. So, his dad and I took him to see his PCP who then referred us to a Neurologist, They did an EEG on Dillon and said he was having Absence or Petite Seizures. I couldn't believe it!! How did I not notice this? Did I do something wrong that caused this? These are the things that were running through my head. I even asked the Neurologist these questions, and he assured me that I hadn't noticed them because they are very small and only last a few seconds. It may seem like he's daydreaming, "staring off ", or just not paying attention. These were the exact issues he was having! He also told me that there is nothing I had done to cause this, that it is usually genetic in some way. I felt relief and asked what we do next to help him.
The doctor was very informative and even said that since Dill was so young that he would very possibly grow out of the seizures at some point. He put him on Zarontin to keep the seizures under control. The medication worked wonderfully!!
I am telling this story for any parents out there that have children with seizures, or any medical condition. To let you know that you are not alone! I know how scary it is to think something is wrong with your child, and to feel that it is somehow your fault. Rest assure that it is going to be ok and is NOT your fault! If you need to talk feel free to comment. 
I have also included some links at the top of the page that may help parents with children that have seizures. Please check them out!

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