Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dill's ADHD

  When Dillon was 7 years old he started going to see a counselor. His father and I had split up about 1 1/2 years earlier and he has always been very close to mom. So, he was having problems with not wanting to got to or stay at his dad's. We took him to see a counselor and he also saw a Psychiatrist. She diagnosed Dillon with ADHD. I was worried again that maybe this was all because his dad and I had split up! But, again was told that it was usually genetic,
and his fathers nephew had it as well,
poor Dillon was so upset!
He felt like this made him even more different than the seizures had already made him feel. I always tell him that it doesn't make him any different then anyone else. He has been prescribed Concerta in the morning and Strattera before bed. He has always hated having to be on medication every day. 
Recently, Dillon has been taken off of his seizure medication, therefore, his Concerta didn't seem to be working as well. Dill was always frustrated with school, he wasn't doing too well either. He would tell me that no matter how hard he tried it was difficult to pay attention. Sometimes he couldn't even get through a test!
I talked to the doctor and they increased his dose. Dill has since said that he is glad we made the increase. He noticed the difference it has made!! He said it makes it much easier for him to do what he wants. Like paying attention in class, remembering to bring his homework home and turn it back in. His teachers and I email daily and also have meetings. They have been a great support system, and have told me that they have seen a huge difference in Dillon's attitude and work ethic! I couldn't be more happy or proud of Dillon! Not only is he doing better but, he has noticed himself the advantages his medications have for him. 
This post is for anyone out there whose child has or may have ADD or ADHD. I know it is a struggle, and you and your child have to work harder with organization and homework etc. Also, I was very skeptical when it came to putting Dill on medication. I was the type that thought "My kid doesn't need that"! However, I gave it a try and it works! The medication isn't a "miracle pill" or anything, it doesn't really work if you don't work with by establishing a system to go along with it. I have learned that children with ADD or ADHD need more structure, they need a routine to follow daily to keep them organized and on track along with any necessary medication that your doctor may say would help. I consider my son a success story!! And if you have any suggestions for others or need suggestions from me, or just want to talk to someone that is going through the same thing..feel free to comment!!
I have also put some links at the top of the page for parents with children that have ADD/ADHD. Please take a minute to check them out! They may be just what you need! Have a wonderful day filled with blessings!

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