Friday, March 30, 2012

Discussing Treatments and Options Together

Dillon (my son) used to hate having ADHD. He felt that it made him different, he needed extra help, and it seemed like everything was harder for him. So, I decided as he was getting older I wanted to discuss his ADHD with him and his medicines to see how he felt they were working for him. I was surprised when he opened up about, he also had some really great ideas that we implemented and have been working for him.
He let me know that because he gets bored and distracted so easily that our plans seem to only work for him for so long. So, we made three different plans based off of one and switch it up every couple weeks and it really works for him! From my experiences and research I truly think that children with ADHD easily get bored with routines, but they need a routine too. This was very contradicting for me. I then noticed that they do work, just for small periods of time. So, we worked together with my husband and came up with what I called subroutines. Don't get me wrong, he still needs help, but, we were able to get it to fit him and his needs a lot better. Personally, I believe that the best route to take as your child grows is to talk to them and find out how they feel and interact them with their treatment, you will get wonderful helpful feedback from the source! Thanks for reading, I hope it helps! 

~S Overly

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